Terms & Condition

The tenant of the online store subject of the contract shall fulfill the specifications mentioned in the following items:

1. A multilingual online store and a home page that the second party controls and chooses its design.

2. First-party programming in PHP language with the famous Laravel framework.

3. Multiple divisions for products.

4. Products under subsections.

5. Product specifications (pictures - product name - short description - long description - conditions for return and exchange - price - offers and discounts - sizes - colors - weight - brand - search engine data - joint and linked products)

6. Inventory tracking.

7. Track shipments and change shipment statuses.

8. Freight calculation according to weight and area.

9. Real-time reports and interaction figures.

10. Connecting to log in with Facebook and Google accounts.

11. Log in to the customer.

12. Control his account.

13. Returns and complaints management.

14. Multiple user privileges - Product management - Orders management - Shipping management - Customers and merchants management.

15. Ability to connect with text messages for confirmation and sending by the first party at an additional cost.

16. The ability to add multiple merchants with calculating profits from orders from them through the first party at an additional cost.

17. The ability to add shipping companies through the first party at an additional cost.

18. The ability to add local and international electronic payment methods to credit cards through the first party at an additional cost.

19. The ability to add chat messenger and WhatsApp with the online store through the first party at an additional cost.

And the terms of the contract:

Clause 1: The previous introduction is considered an integral part of the contract terms in any way.

Clause 2: A commitment contract agreed upon between the two parties shall be established, stamped with the official seal of the first party or signed by the first party sales manager or project manager in the first party.

Clause 3: The first party is obligated to implement what was agreed upon upon contracting of additions or distinct designs, and any other additions requested by the second party shall be agreed upon with the Sales Department.

Clause 4: The application materials and content is the responsibility of the second party, and the first party does not bear any legal responsibility for it except upon agreement with the first party to manage the application’s content.

Clause 5: In the event of termination of the contract between the two parties, the second party does not have the right to claim any previously paid amounts, and the second party must also complete the late payments on him in full without deducting any expenses, in the event he requests other amendments in excess of the contract, and the arrears do not include the monthly rent.

Clause 6: The names and links of the completed projects are added to the first party business directory automatically.

Clause 7: The first party fully and partially owns the source of the application code, except in the event that the second party is required to purchase the source files. The first party has the right to sell the used store in the rental shop with the same data from the second party at the price determined by the first party.

Clause 8: When the first party adds any additions or modifications to the application, he must obtain written, text or electronic approval from the second party before adding this update in the case of annual support.

Clause 9: The online store is hosted by the first party servers. The second party enjoys the following features:

1. Anti-virus and anti-spam protection system.

2. All customer data changes to prevent any hacker from accessing it at any time.

3. Members' passwords change with the highest encryption, which is the hash, to protect 100% and prevent theft.

4. Securing the control panel to protect from spam.

5. Email service.

6. Automatic virus scanning every 24 hours and malicious file scanning.

7. Make daily, weekly and monthly backup copies of the site's files.

8. The second party is allowed to upload a specified number of products according to the package chosen.

9. The storage space and data transfer space are determined according to the selected package.

Clause 10: This contract is printed in two copies on three pages only and signed by the first party and the second party. No other copy, whether paper or digital, is considered.

Clause 11: The Maadi Court and its parts are competent to consider disputes and disputes arising from the terms of the contract.